Reduction Drives for Aviation

We are experts in aviation mechanics. We manufacture and offer a big range of PSRU's transforming ordinary car and motorcycle engine into an aircraft engine. Our PSRU's are of the highest quality and used by aircraft homebuilders in Poland and other countries.
We offer also (car) engines adapted for aviation aims.

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Gear Reduction Drive (PSRU) for car engine SUBARU EA 71, EA 81, EA 82, EJ 20, EJ 22


Subaru engines are used  in homebuilt aircraft very often. The constructors adapt these car engines to aicraft use. We offer reudction drives for this purpose.  

 Our kit includes:

  • tortional vibration damping unit 
  • light aluminium flywheel 
  • two worm cog gear - available reduction ratios: 1:1.94, 1:2.27 (for EA 71, 81, 82) and 1:2.27 (for EJ 20, 22)

The kit is provided as assembled and ready for installation on the engine.

We give you a 2 years guarantee for standard using of our PSRU



  • electric starter 

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